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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word welcome Team Alpha Male fighter Matt Wagy to the show fresh off of his TKO victory last weekend for the Gladiator Challenge. The guys talk to MAtt about his fight, about Chad Mendes getting the nod to fight Conor McGregor, starting his MMA career at American Top Team and the difference between training there and Team Alpha Male, the new UFC Reebok gear, weight cuts, after fight purging and a whole lot more. Please subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or Wildjones.com. 

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This episode of SST, @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word discuss this weeks UFC Hollywood fights and the Yoel Romero interview, gay marriage, do's and dont's of auditioning and acting, movies, porn and a whole lot more. Friend of the show and boxer Mike McIntyre showed up near the end of the show and hung out for a while. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher and wildjones.com.

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Definately a cant miss episode. UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw, Team Alpha Male Muai Thai striking coach and legend Master Thong, and Team Alpha Male Kickboxing Coach and K1 Kickboxing veteran Dion Paminto are the guests on this weeks SST. We learn how TJ is feeling in his training camp for his fight in July with Renan Barao, TJ and Master Thongs philosophy on sex during training camp and stories about it, then the guys sit down with Dion and learn about his beginnings as a tough street fighting kid from stockton who found kickboxing as a young man and was able to change into a black belt and fought his way all of the way up to become a K1 fighter, the documentary that Jimmy Dreek produced and directed about Dion's life and a lot more. We also hear about Jimmy's part he played this week in a national Nike commercial. The song at the beginning of the show is a brand new song called Rage against the Machine from the group "The Bandy Tract"(UFC contender from Team Alpha Male Andre Fili and fighter and previous geust on SST Smoke Jones). Please subscribe and rate the show on iTunes and stitcher.

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MMA fighter, musician, and sports handicapper, Trevor Jones aka Smoke Jones aka @Smokey6Figs was @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word guest on the newest episode of SST. This week the guys discuss Jimmy's new role in a national Nike commercial, Smokey's past as a fighter, how he became best friends with UFC contender Andre Fili, how they got into music, the Kimbo Slice fight, Joanna Jdjfhbjsb's championship fight and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher, and wildjones.com.

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This episode @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word discuss UFC 188, Jamie being a genius, Jamie's birthday weekend, Demetrius (Jamie's boxing classmate) getting a knockout win in his second amatuer boxing match, the white lady who thinks shes black, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher and WildJones.com

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word talk MMA, life, dating in todays world and how its different than before, Jamie's birthday plans, making movies and commercials, the malibu porn house and a lot more. This is a hilarious show as the guys dont even really talk much sports on this episode. PLease share, subscribe, and rate the show on iTunes, stitcher, and Wildjones.com

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word are back with a brand new Sativ Sports Talk. This episode the guys discuss Jimmy's weekend trip to Vegas, Dan Hendersons knockout win and the rest of last weekends UFC fight Night and  Jamie's plan to go through a weight cut. After that the guys are joined by a couple of Team Alpha Male MMA originals, fighter and Stud Show Radio host, @JustinBuchholz_ and Team Alpha Male Jiu Jitsu coach, Black Belt Dustin Akbari. The show definitely energizes when these fellas join as they tell plenty stories of competing, Justins Trip to Thailand, Dustin being the second member of Team Alpha Male at 14 years old, which teamate does well with the ladies around the gym, why Jamie calls Justin "Game of Thrones" and a whole lot more. This is episode is a for sure "cant miss" as its Dustins first time on a podcast. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

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@JamieJones1word and @JimmyDreek had a full and hilarious group of guests on this episode of Sativa Sports Talk. Team Alpha Male striking coach and head boxing coach at Flawless Boxing and Fitness and also friend of the show, Coach Joey Rodriguez Sr joined the show as a co host. Also first time guests to the show, the creators and hosts of the new Urban MMA Tv show called "MMA on Blast", Freddie Bigg and Blas sat down with the guys to discuss everything MMA. Aside from show host, Freddie Bigg is also a Team Alpha Male Heavyweight standout that has wins in Bellator and numerous other organizations. This is a super fun and informative episode that you dont want to miss. The guys talk about how they got the idea to start "MMA on Blast", how Freddie started in MMA, training at Nick Diaz gym in Lodi and why he thinks Diaz is the best, how he got to Team Alpha Male and being the sole heavyweight and one of the few "urban" guys at the gym, Coach Joey getting Lance Palmer ready to defend his title at World Series of Fighting this week on NBC Sports, what he does when he's not training fighters(he's always training fighters), who he thinks the best boxer of all time is, how Blas's natural personable and charismatic attitude made him the right geust for the show, growing up in Fairfield California, plus a whoooole lot more. Peep this epsidoe and then goto Youtube and watch "MMA on Blast" the second Saturday of every month. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher and Wildjones.com

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This week on Sativa Sports Talk, @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word start using the new social media app Periscope and live stream the show. Watch it and see them at Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness, where they record the show. Look for @JamieJones1word or @SativaSports for all the video action. They also discuss the NBA Finals and make their picks, NFL fantasy football, Carlos Condits, dominating performance against Thiego Alves at UFC Fight Night, Jim's recent acting audition, the West Coast Fighting Championships event from Saturday night where 4 Team Alpha Male Fighters were fighting, including Nico Lozada that SST was sponsoring, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher, search Wild Jones or Sativa Sports Talk.

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REPLAY!! From April 6th, Lance "The Party" Palmer was our guest and he spoke to @JamieJones1word and @JimmyDreek about defending his title on June 6th for the World Series of Fighting 145 pound title in Canada on NBC Sports, cornering his Alpha Male comrades in their fights, growing up in Ohio, being a collegiate nationally ranked, all American wrestler, broads, the first time he stepped in the cage, and a whole lot more. A hilarious episode if you missed it or still awesome if you want to re listen. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or at WildJones.com.

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