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In episode 46, friend of the show and Team Alpha Male fighter Matt Wagy hung out for a little while and with @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word, they discussed The Ronda Rousey fight(Jamie doesn't care for Ronda until she fights Cyborg), Jake Shields and Palhares, the Diaz Brothers fighting with Khabib and his crew and getting banned from sll World Series of Fighting event, Dr Mario Soto fighting for the Tachi Palce Championship Belt this week, and a whole lot more. Subscribe, comment and rate the show at iTunes, stitcher, and Wildjones.com.

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The most explosive episode by far, friend of the show and Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness Athlete Eric Soares joins the show with Jimmy Dreek and Jamie Jones and the guys have a very spirited debate about race in America. The guys started out talking about Hulk Hogan's problems, Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal getting very different reactions to similar issues and feelings, then the show goes into a spirited and sometimes heated discussion about police brutality, race, oppression, bigotry, white privilege, segregation and a lot more. If you like talking social issues, then you will love this episode as the guys di not leave many stones unturned in this one. Please Share, subscribe and rate the show on iTunes, stitcher or wildjones.com

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@AntWild and @JamieJones1word  are back after almost six monrths off to record episode 50. Their guest on the show is writer and actor Anthony D'Juan. There was a problem with the audio so  this first 20 minutes was missing and the last couple of minutes, but theres is still an awesome hour and a half of funny, game, movies, hip hop and plenty more discussed. If you have missed the show, then your gonna love this show. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher and wildjones.com

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Team Alpha Male fighter and West Coast Fighting 125 pound Champion Hector "Kid Alex" Sandoval (Alex_s125) is @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word guest this week on SST. Theis week the guys discuss Alex"s beginnings in wrestling as a kid, how he got his knickname, TJ Dillashaw's super dominant win this weekend over Barao, fighting being a lifestyle, coming to Team Alpha Male, things he learned from Urijah Faber, the importance of cardio in training, ana whole lot more. Dont miss out on a very inspirational journey from a kid that found his way on a chance meeting. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Wildjones.com.

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Donald Roberson (@BlackMamba185) joined the show this week and told Jamie Jones and Jimmy Dreek all about his knockout win from Saturday on the Muay Thai Global promotion. They go in depth about how the fight went, if he wants to stay with Muay Thai since it was his first time fighting that style, then the guys switched gears to Duane "Bang" Ludwigs statements about TJ Dillashaw being the only fighter at Team Alpha Male that wants to be a champion, why he said it, and if he was trying to throw the team under the bus. They next discuss this weekends UFC fights and give their predictions on the fights, Stitch Duran getting fired from the UFC for spaeking out about the Reebok deal and how cutman dont get any money, but can also no longer have their own sponsors, Jamie getting to co host Stud Show Radio for an episode and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or WildJones.com.

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Team Alpha Male original and Stud Show Radio Founder and host Justin Buchholz and Team Alpha Male boss and Muay Thai fighter Tussana Martdee joined the show to talk with @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word for all types of shenanagins. This week they talk about  Jamie's crusie through San Francisco Bay,Justin leaving for Chicago this morning to corner Danny Castillo and UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw this Saturday, his Muay Thai fight getting cancelled the day of weigh ins, if he would fight again, Tuss's Muay Thai career in Australia, Stud Shows Radios beef with every other podcast out there, the dance that is done before every Muay Thai fight, Jim's relationship status and his philosophy on women right now, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or stitcher or at wildjones.com.

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word discuss how Jimmy got another college degree in a weekend, Jamie pays up on a bet to @Vinny_No_Filter of the "Whats Wrong With Us" podcast, the guys break down #UFC189 and how Conor McGregor won the fight against Chad Mendes, why that was the best fight card in a long time, how Team Alpha Male Boxing coach Joey Rodriguez was the best character on the UFC Embedded show during the lead up to the fight, why Jamie doesn't give a shit about the Ronda Rousey fight, the new nickname of the 4 Horsewomen, Cody No Love and a whole lot more!! Dont miss this hilarious episode 40 of SST. Subscribe, rate and comment on iTunes, stitcher and Wildjones.com.

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Mike Placencia, host and creator of the Fight Mike MMA show on Youtube is the guest on this episode of Sativa Sports Talk. On this episode Mike sits down with @JamieJones1word and @JimmyDreek and talks about how he got started in MMA broadcasting, acting in Los Angeles and San Francisco, working with Jimmy, some of his crazier interviews, his Youtube show being picked up by a television network or 2, the Mendes vs McGregor fight and whats gonna happen and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or stitcher, search Sativa Sports Talk or Wild Jones Podcast.

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Team Alpha Male Fighter Matt Betzold(@MattBetzold) is @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word guest this week on ep.38 of SST. Matt has an awesome story that you get to hear about overcoming obstacles and thriving in spite of setbacks as he fights MMA with one leg. Hear how he lost his leg at six years old, growing up in a wrestlers family, finding jui jitsu at 17 years old and winning the first tournament he joined, pros and cons of fighting with one leg, growing up angry and with a chip on his shoulder, being turned down by the athletic comission to fight for many years, having a family and kids that compete, HBO following him and his family around for a show about fighting families, and a whole lot more. An excellent and powerful story that anybody could get some inspiration from. Subscribe to the show on itunes, stitcher, or Wildjones.com 

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word welcome Team Alpha Male fighter Matt Wagy to the show fresh off of his TKO victory last weekend for the Gladiator Challenge. The guys talk to MAtt about his fight, about Chad Mendes getting the nod to fight Conor McGregor, starting his MMA career at American Top Team and the difference between training there and Team Alpha Male, the new UFC Reebok gear, weight cuts, after fight purging and a whole lot more. Please subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or Wildjones.com. 

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