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This week @Smokey6Figs and @JamieJones1word are joined by music producer and film producer HP. This week they guys talk making music, Dom Kennedy and his new seemingly drug induced album, Philthy Rich, why buying verses from artist is a good thing, marketing strategies and more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or WildJones.com.

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Smoke Jones and Jamie Jones are back with a new installment of Smoke n J's. this week they are joined by Sacramento MC @WylieRules and together they discuss the Lil Wayne song they opened the show with, the Northern Cali Rap scene, doing shows, Mac Dre, Riff Raff, Lil B, Gucci Mane, and a bunch of other bad rappers. They also talked about good rappers like King Los, Locksmith and more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes Stitcher or wildjones.com, Search Wild Jones Podcast.

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Announcement!! Our Wild Jones Feeds the Sacramento Homeless event's date has changed to Sunday October 18th at 10am. It is now 1 day later than before. I am opening a nightclub for high school kids that will be on Saturdays and i need to free up that day for prep. Hope it doesn't mess up peoples plans to attend. So again the event will be Sunday instead of Saturday.

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The NFL season has begun!! @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word talk everything football. Friend of the show and commisioner of bothe The Sacramento Fantasy League and the worl famous Punch Drunk Sports league Anthony Johnson (@SactwonBlue) joins the show to discuss Fantasy Football and how all of the guys did week 1. They also talked a little Nascar, but this show was dominated by football. Still a hilarious show as always. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher, and WildJones.com

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Friends of the show and medical cannabis advocates Sammy Trujillo and President of the California Cannabis Association George Mull join the show to talk everything "Sativa". With @JamieJones1word and @JimmyDreek discuss the new proposed Proposition that George and his team are drafting that will hopefully be voted on by the voters next year, their new Medical Marijuana Dispensary that just opened this called 1841 El Camino and announced the brand new promotion for Sativa Sports Talk listeners where on your first visit, if you mention Sativa Sports Talk sent you, you get 50% off your order(no matter how big an order you make), how the image of the marijuana user has changed over the last five years, and a whole lot more. Subscribe, comment and rate the show on iTunes, stitcher and wildjones.com.

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Smoke Jones and Jamie Jones are back witha brand new Smoke N J's! This week the guys start the show with a Travis Scott and Kanye West song and then talk about Kanye's speech and Travis progression, then they talk The Jacka and how MC's can sort of raise a child with their music, what MC would make the best president, performing over your song with the lyrics on it, and a whole lot more. Subscribe comment and rate the show on iTunes, Stitcher(search Wild Jones Podcast) and WildJones.com.

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones discus UFC 191, thier mom getting smart phones, Conor McGregors wild interview, TUF starting this week and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or WildJones.com.

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This week @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word discuss "Dronegate", Air Dreek 1 took its first spill yesterday and Jimmy breaks it all down. They also talk about Jimmy's latest audition, this weeks UFC card, fantasy Football and a whole lot more. Please tella friend to tell a friend to subscribe to Sativa Sports Talk at itunes, stitcher or WildJones.com

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In episode 2, @JamieJones1word and @Smokey6Figs discuss Slaughtehouse and why Jamie likes them so much, why they look at Drake differently after the Drake vs Meek Mill beef(even though Drake won), why poor rappers are better than rich rappers, the Funk Volume vs Horshoe Gang Beef and a whole lot more. Subscribe comment and rate the show on iTunes, stitcher or WildJones.com, search Wild Jones podcast.

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Team Alpha Male fighter and Carr Martial Arts founder Owen "The Body" Carr is @JamieJones1word and @JimmyDreek guest this week on SST. Owen tells the guys about growing up in Canada, joining Martial Arts at 5 years old, competing in unsanctioned fights, what gyms he's trained at, Training Paige VanZant, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher, or wildjones.com.

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