Jamie Jones a Producer and Director in Los Angeles, Ca. Ant Wild is a Rapper from Northern California, and together they make up "Wild Jones". A hilarious, no holds barred, and open minded podcast where Ant and Jamie shoot the shit once a week about sports, music, politics, money, sex, religion and any motherfucking thing they want to. Always funny and the guys can ponder anything. Hella smart and stupid at the same time. You'll love it if you don't hate it.

@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word are back with a brand new SST. This week, UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw joined the guys for a little while to talk MMA and how is training is going for Renan Barao, why he will beat Barao, how life has changed since winning the title, if he really wants to attempt to become a 2 weight division champ, the guys also recap Sundays UFC Fight Night 61, Ronda Rousey's upcoming fight and Jamie thinks Cris Cyborg could beat Rousey, Frank Mir knocking out Bigfoot Silva and is it over for him, Floyd and Manny, pros and cons of Sparring and if guys are sparring too much, and a whole lot more. Show was recorded at Alpha Male headquarters, Urijah Fabers Ultimate Fitness. Show is sponsored by Larchmontcc.com and SoCal Vape Lounge at 8452 Reseda Blvd in Northridge Ca. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, or stitcher, search Wild Jones Podcast or Sativa Sports Talk. Please share the link on social media networks.

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This is the first episode of the newest show on the Wild Jones Podcast Network, Sativa Sports Talk starring longtime trainer and employee at Urijah Fabers Ultimate Fitness MMA gym in Sacramento, Jim Drikas and Jamie Jones. SST is a brand new show that will cover everything sports, including MMA, Boxing, Football, Basketball, Baseball and everything else thats happening in the world of sports. In this episode we talk a lot of MMA, including UFC, Team Alpha Male roster, Ronda Rousey, PED's, fighters doing movies, NFL and more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or at WildjJones.com, search Wild Jones Podcast or Sativa Sports Talk.  Shout Out to Team Alpha Male Radio for allowing us to record episode one of our podcast in their podcast studio. FuX Uncle Kreepy!!

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Their back mufuckas!!! After a short hiatus, Jamie Jones and Ant WILD are back with a brand new Wild Jones Podcast!! The guys discuss where they been the last 2 months, how many niggas the cops have killed since they left, wether or not a revolutionary group will ever rise again, and more. Sorry for the break and it will never happen again. As usual the show is brought to you by the SoCalVape Lounge at 8452 Reseda Blvd in Northridge Ca. 

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Jay Phillips returns with his hilarious podcast, "Mind of the Quiet Dude". This week Jay and producer Jamie Jones talk about not voting in the recent elections, Obamas beef with Michael Jordan, Jays new web show on Funny or Die, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher, Search Mind of the Quiet Dude or Wild Jones Podcast. This show is sponsored by SoCal Vape Lounge at 8452 Reseda Blvd in Northridge Ca. If you would like to support the Wild Jones/ HashtagLunchbag feeds the homeless event on Sunday, December 28th then goto Paypal.com and donate to Charity@WildJones.com

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Veteran Actor and voiceover actor Jerry Houser is Scott Parkin's guest this week on the Farm Report. Here all about Jerry's journey in Hollywood and get some awesome stories about some of the iconic movies he's been in like Slap Shot, Summer of 42, and many more. Scott also premiers a brand new song from his 14 year old daughter wrote for one of her favorite shows Supernatural. 

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Ant Wild and Jamie Jones are back with a brand new Wild Jones Podcast, The guys start this podcast by explaining the technical problem that they had with last weeks episode, where they had a guest an MC named King Costa. It was a good episode that they lost and they will surely have King Costa back to tell his story, They also discuss the elections that just happened, and a whole lot more. A hilarious and deep episode all in one. 

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Shawnbay Jones and Jamie Jones are black with a blerdy filled edpisode of the Blerd Vision News Hour. Your gonna love this episode as the guys talk about a lot of the most cutting edge ideas, gadgets, and inventions coming out right now. One of the most entertaining BVNH episodes to date. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher, search Wild Jones Podcast or Blerd Vision News Hour. Comment and rate as well please.  

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Longtime Voiceover actor and much sought after voiceover coach Dave Walsh is Scott Parkins guest on the Farm Report. Dont miss out as these guys talk life, the business, Dave give producer Jamie Jones a lesson on becoming a voiceover actor, some of the large campaigns they have worked on, celebrities taking a lot of the voiceover jobs, Dave's mother, and a whole lot of funny. You will laugh your ass off with the quick wit of these longtime friends. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or stitcher. Search Wild Jones or Scott Parkin & The Farm Report. 

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Jimmy Della Valle's guest this week on the Brooklyn Buddha Podcast is Voiceover titan Mocean Melvin. With co host Tim Homayoon and producer Jamie Jones, the guys discuss Mocean growing up in Santa Barbara with hippie parents, moving to Oregon where he bagan acting, coming to LA to become George Clooney, the crazy start to his voiceover career, becoming the voice of Amp Radio and other huge companies and the dedication it commands, his scripted podcast hes developing and a whole lot more. Dont miss this  awesome podcast with a really interesting guest. Subscribe, rate and comment the show on iTunes or stitcher, search Wild Jones Podcast or Brooklyn Buddha Podcast.

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Famous actress and comedic Legend Patty Deutsch is Scott's guest on this weeks Farm Report. They discuss Patty's long and illustrious career, from colledge and her early jobs like writing jokes for Joan Rivers, her improv group, being on Johnny Carson, getting casted on Laugh In, movies, her succesful voice over career and a whole lot more. Dont miss this fun episode as this wonderfully hip lady tells us all about Hollywood of yesteryear. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher, search Wild Jones Podcast or Scott Parkin and the Farm Report.

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